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The comMan Service essentially focuses on two areas:

  • Mobile Phone Fleet Management
  • Telco guidance (expenditure reduction, optimization)

Mobile Phone Fleet Management

This area of comMan Service targets those Users, who are using business mobile phone devices. Even in case of smaller number of employees the maintenance of registries and contracts and creation of traffic analyses (managing personal calls and traffic beyond given budget) may be difficult.

With the comMan Service CompArgo offers complex solution for the Users to the tasks mentioned above.

Telco Guidance (cost reduction, optimization)

This area of comMan Service targets those Users, who would like to reform their telecommunications system, its usage, their call habits, optimizing and reducing their telco costs. The service is carried out in three steps:

  • orientation in advance (measurement of customer- and telco providers related data);
  • analysis of phone call traffic (analysis of: costs per minute, call traffic habits, private branch exchange);
  • thorough analysis (examination of: applied devices and main line usage, telco policy, specifics of operation).

After the three levels of analysis CompArgo offers a suggestion, that can reduce costs and optimize the operation of the telco system. The rate of reduction cannot be pre-determined, it depends on the examined corporation’s size, number of premises, amount of telephone traffic, size of mobile phone fleet and optimization level of the currently active system.

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