CompArgo Kft.

CompArgo DOS

The veteran of CompArgo softwares, still operating on numerous premises due to its reliability and innovative nature. It is only limited by the operation system, however all characteristic Windows-based system features are available.

It is recommended for those organizations, where reliable and approachable fee accounting is required cost-efficiently and it is not essential to utilize options that are not present in DOS (USB, e-mail sending etc.).

Several versions of CompArgo DOS exist:

  • basic system
  • pension system: with front-office services for smaller quarters
  • associate system server: also commonly used in hotels, provides data for the front-office system
  • Credit-system: extensions or personal codes are only able to make calls until reaching a certain limit, the application installed to accompany the basic system disables the right to make calls if they exhausted their entire allocation
  • Scheduler: basic system improved by the scheduler application is able to complete timed tasks, which is similiar to services provided by Windows

The system has a modular build. Listing, price maintenance etc. are completed by various applications, which are built uniformly and are accessible with a shared controller interface.

It is possible to create price cost centres in the system, which are able to help with dividing expenses among parts of organization, or even among people. This is supported by numerous list types, which make almost any kind of querying and creation of top lists and statistics possible by various aspects.

Accessing the functions require password, which makes it possible for us to registrate users with different levels of authority, who are able to access only those modules, that are enabled for them.

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