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CompArgo Turbo

Our Windows based systems exist since the ’90s, out of which we distribute the Turbo series since 2005 – previous versions (2.1, 3.1, 4.0) currently are not, or just partially supported (4.1).

The novelty of CompArgo Turbo is the fact, that it works with sequential files, every operation of processing character is carried out in the course of the various displays with the help of the parameters (schedules of fees etc.) stored in memory. This solution slows down the listing processes only by the smallest of amounts, but at the same time it eliminates procedures – like repeated processing of data – which take a long time because of the database operations and which can eventually cause inconveniences (for example in case of incorrect settings).

The program can collect data from several locations at the same time – even through different methods – which might prove useful for Customers with more than one premises. The system manages the collected data separately but uniformly, making it always unambiguous where the individual calls occurred, but at the same time letting the Customer see the whole telephone traffic.

Entering the application’s interface requires username and password. This makes it possible for us to set up various levels of authority and giving the opportunity for every user to be equipped with his or her own profile – in practice, this means separately stored lists, list filters and view settings.

The system provides many functions which can make work more efficient, for example:

  • definition of timed task lists,
  • sending finished statements via e-mail or
  • exporting finished statements in PDF format etc.

It is possible to form cost centre structure, in order to distribute costs among organizational units. These have period of validity and more of them might exist, which makes it possible, to store current status for all periods and process the corresponding records with their help.

The tables used to calculate call costs are free to modify, augment and can be formed to better fit the provider contracts of Customers.

The listing module provides the most important features of the system: dozens of types of itemised, summarised lists and statistics, extensive filtering options are available for the User.

With default settings, Turbo runs as a simple application, which is in general a satisfactory solution. At the same time, the possibility is given to run some functions as service, this way the computer which is running the system can be kept in logged off state.

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