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Data Vault Service

The Data Vault Service’s main purpose is the long term, safe archiving and preservation of call data (tariff records). The Data Vault Service is a database server run by CompArgo.

We recommend this service to those Users, who would not like to be concerned with telecom tariffing systems, but occasionally might require call data. This service provides high level of safety for Users, since any time, in any critical situation the tariff records (CDRs) are accessible for them.

The mentioned data might be required in case of

  •  ...immediate quitting of an employee;
  •  ...settling an argument with a telephone provider;
  •  ...obtaining parameters of a certain call (e.g. bomb alarm);
  •  ...planning telco infrastructure (e.g. how many lines are required);
  •  ...cost planning;
  •  ...processing into future tariffing system.

How does the service work?

In order to start the service, connection must be set up between the User and the Data Vault. This connection may be established by one of the following methods:

  • IP based connection: The private branch exchange (PBX) is connected to the Data Vault by TCP/IP connection, through which the CDRs are collected.
  • e-mail connection: A special software collects the CDRs besides the PBX and forwards them in a pre-determined rate to the Data Vault as attached file.
  • FTP connection: A special software collects the CDRs besides the PBX and forwards them through FTP to the Data Vault in a pre-determined rate.
  • GPRS connection: A GPRS data collection device gathers the CDRs besides the PBX and forwards them on-line to the Data Vault, through GSM data communication.
  • Modem connection: A data collecting box gathers the CDRs besides the PBX and forwards them in a pre-determined rate  to the Data Vault through the telephone line.

You can read more about the forms and utilized devices of data collection on the page „Forms of data collection” on our website.

The service not only provides constant archiving of call data, but monitors its quantity as well. Should the data quantity not reach the pre-determined treshold level, the User receives notification about the possibility of the PBX system’s malfunction. With this option of remote surveillance it is possible to minimize the chance of data loss.

Furthermore, it is possible to archive the downloadable „Electronic call details” into the system as well, making the whole telecommunicational traffic of the company accessable on the same place.

How can the User access his or her data stored in the Data Vault?

The Data Vault is an extraordinarly safe storage space. The Users may not directly access the CDRs stored there. If they are required, the CDRs of the given period must be asked for by CompArgo. If a request arrives at CompArgo, we check its authencity (Does the claimant have right to claim the requested data?) and if it is judged positive, the claimant receives the requested data in 4 hours.

Should the Users want to manage their queries independently on a WEB interface, or want to see the call costs in the records too, we recommend obtaining the CAnet Service.

Downloadable product guide

Supplementary services to the Data Vault Service:

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