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CompArgo Fundament

CompArgo Fundament is our most recently produced software, during the development of which we utilized our 18 years of experience. Our main goal was to create an application system, which is able to professionally satisfy any possible demand the Users could have.

CompArgo Fundament requires a database to work, which means it is not intended to replace CompArgo Turbo, but to supplement our supply of softwares. Among other reasons returning to databases was a reasonable decision, because pre-producing records is required in some cases of accounting the right way: e.g. if more than one records of a single call were made, a single collective record must be composed beforehand. In current telephony this tendency is getting more and more definite.

It is necessary to do a precursory survey in order to determine, whether CompArgo Turbo, or CompArgo Fundament is more beneficial to be installed for the User.

The system is currently able to cooperate with two types of data base servers: the MS SQL and the free source-code Postgre SQL, which is downloadable from the internet for free.

Unlike previous Windows-based systems, basic modules of CompArgo Fundament are being run as services. In order to install and keep up the system, administrator authority is required, however normal operation is still achieved by regular applications, which can be done by common users too.

The interface of CompArgo Fundament is accessible by username and password. Users may have various levels of authority and own personal profiles.

The application is able to collect data from several locations at the same time – even through different methods – which might prove useful for Customers with more than one premises. The collected data is managed by the system separately but uniformly, making it always unambiguous where the individual calls occurred, but at the same time letting the Customer see the whole telephone traffic.

The system offers all those services, that were included in previous versions as well, e.g.:

  • Cost centre-structures with search, sorting, import and export options. The structures have period of validity and more of them might exist. This makes it possible, to store current status for all periods and process the corresponding records with their help.
  • Creating delayed-action task queue.
  • Flexibly set pricing parameters.
  • Varied lists and statements.

Additional components are included, such as:

  • Option of mobile phone call details management.
  • Being able to handle much more complex demands in form of advanced mail sending/copying service.
  • Definable list types in correspondence with the Customers’ needs.

Later we are planning on creating web interface, which is meant to replace the current CAnet System on the long term.

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