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GPRS Collector Devices

The GPRS data collection device is the combination of an Audiotel Industrial Plus modem and a data collection software – developed by CompArgo – running on it.

The device collects CDRs through COM port, puffers and compresses them, then forwards the packages to the server with GPRS protocol. The device maintains on-line connection with the base station, but it only logs into the server, if collected data exists or if there is no freshly collected data to transfer, the device logs into the server every two hours, so its proper functioning can be verified, even in periods without any traffic.

The device is connectable to any PBX possessing serial interface, knows standard hardware, software protocols and date/time affixture; the accurate time is conciliated with the server by logins.

The device is capable of forwarding the telephone centre’s CDRs to the server immediately; however, the frequent logins produce larger data traffic. Because of this it is possible to set up a minimum time period which has to pass between two logins. This time period is usually 5 minutes, which means that at least 5 minutes have to pass between two logins; should there be a CDR sent by the PBX and 5 minutes have already passed since the last login, the server instantly forwards the CDR to the server.

A compressed CDR is 40-60 bytes, the transitory puffer of the device is 2MB, so data loss is not possible, even if the base station is not accessible for some reason. Based on experience, the GPRS network is available 98% of the time.

In case of 100 extensions and continuous logins in every 5 minutes the monthly data traffic is <10MB. The device does not use telephone traffic, its SIM card only has to be validated for the GPRS traffic.

We recommend the GPRS data collection device, because

  • it is a compact, reliable data communication device, which grants greater data safety.
  • it makes faster reaction time possible via on-line data transfer.
  • it is full automatic, does not require help from operator personnel.
  • it requires minimal maintenance.
  • its cooperation with CAnet System is completely automatic, which makes nearly on-line traffic query possible through WEB. (This of course requires choosing the CAnet Service as well!)
  • numerous satisfied clients of CompArgo Ltd. have been using the device for years.
  • Audiotel Industrial Plus device has serious references – independent from CompArgo.

The GPRS data colletor device:

Technical Parameters Of Audiotel Industrial Plus Modems

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