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Remote Data Colection With Device Installation

If the PBX is generating CDRs through its COM port (V24), but the computer running the telecom tariffing system is far (e.g. on another premise), the data collection is possible with the use of a cache device, the data collecting box.

The data collecting box is communicating through COM port with the PBX’s data transferring port (because of this the distance between the data collection device and the PBX cannot be longer than 10 meters). The box is continually receiving and storing CDRs arriving from the PBX. If predefined conditions are fulfilled, the stored records are sent through telephone line (modem-modem communication) to the processor software for data collecting box, which is installed to accompany CompArgo Telecom Tariffing System. These predefined conditions may be the followings:

  • reaching a critical number of records (e.g.: number of collected records is reaching 512 items);
  • a pre-set, fixed point of time (e.g.: at 02:15 every night).

The data collection device and the processor software for data collecting box can communicate not only through the telephone line, but through the established IT network by the User as well. In this case an IP terminal will be installed into the data collecting box instead of a built-in modem (in order to make the appliance able to connect the intranet). The processor software is connected to the data collection device through the network connection of the PC in use.

With the use of special data collecting box it is possible to make the data collection device able to receive the arriving records through IP driver (common application joint to the PBX is the Siemens Hipath4000). In this case the IP port of the PBX and the IP terminal in the data collecting box will be connected with Ethernet patch cable.

The processor software for the data collecting box is able to simultaneously treat more, even differing technology based data collection devices. It stores CDRs well separated, making it easier for the telecom tariffing system to process them efficiently (collecting from files function).

The diagram of remote data collection:

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