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Remote Surveillance Service

Remote Surveillance Service is meant to monitor the proper functioning of the telecom tariffing system. The software component installed to accompany the telecom tariffing system on the premises of the Customer sends a data package to CompArgo’s Remote Surveillance server every day. Data is transmitted with the use of telephone line (modem-modem communication) by calling a toll-free telephone number.

The data package contains information only about the proper functioning of the telecom tariffing system, it does not store any data about the tariff records (CDRs). By evaluating the data package CompArgo is able to determine with high probability, whether the telecom tariffing system is functioning properly or not.

If anomalies are detected the following actions are possible:

  • Contacting the User, troubleshooting on phone.
  • Informing the maintainer of the PBX about the error. 

Downloadable product guide

Supplementary services to Remote Surveillance Service:

The diagram of remote surveillance service:

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