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Software Based Data Collection

Some PBXs store CDRs independently. Typical case of this is the operation of Cisco Call Manager, where the Call Manager stores records either in SQL data base, or in text files, depending on the version number.

In other cases data collection applications developed by CompArgo receive and store (in files) CDRs arriving through COM port or LAN connection.

For software based data collection it is essential, to pass the records stored by the PBX system to CompArgo Telecom Tariffing Systems. Three fundamental solutions exist:

  • If CompArgo Telecom Tariffing System is installed on a computer, that is able to access the record files through network, it is possible to read records into the software with timings. This utilises the collection from files function of the telecom tariffing system.
  • If the previous solution is not achievable, CompArgo provides an assistant application, which sends the record files corresponding to the defined parameters (frequency, e-mail address, etc.) in attached file format, via e-mail. From the receiving e-mail address the telecom tariffing system is able to process the records, after the data files have been saved.
  • If the previous solutions are not supported, it is possible to execute the data transmission through FTP. In this case the data files are collected on the FTP server of CompArgo, from which the telecom tariffing system is able to process the records. FTP data transmission is solvable either “independently” by the PBX (Cisco Call Manager) or by the management of CompArgo’s own self-developed assistant application.

Data transmission method of FTP and e-mail is only to be used, if the User has chosen an additional service (most commonly the Tariff Data Processing Service) of CompArgo Ltd.

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